Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Sexy New Front Door

One of the first things we wanted to change in our house was our front door.

We hated how cheap it looked. (Think the Lindsey Lohan of doors - trashy looking, dirty, scuffed up, etc) So, we toyed around with buying a brand new front door... but they are a little out of the price range we wanted to spend on a quick update. I think later down the road we will probably end up getting a new one (Justin likes front doors with a little window in them to bring in more light) but for now, we decided we could add a little va va voom to our house just by painting it.

Since the house is yellow, we had a couple different ideas about color: First we thought that a bright blue or navy blue would look fun. We also debated about going bright red, but in the end, we went classic and sexy... black!

It's amazing how much of a difference it makes! Much more Megan Fox now, right? Our house looks like it has so much more depth and it seriously makes me swoon a little. We still have lots of curb-appeal updates we want to do (ahem...porch light...[cough]... welcome mat) but for now, its definitely a much nicer sight when we get home! Oh, and I made a sweet little lemon wreath for the door to bring a little summery cheer to the house and to tie in with the yellow siding. I used this tutorial if you are interested.

Here are a few more before and afters! Let me know what you think of the color! Good call on the black? Wish we had gone red? blue? others?



Oh! We painted both sides of the door btw. So here's what it looks like inside!



We're in love.

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  1. Sexy indeed! Your front door is the one I like the most. Don't get me wrong, all your doors look fantastic! It's just that the front door seem to bring out a very distinct contrast that makes your exterior look good. How are your doors now? No scratches, I hope. Thanks for sharing!

    Keven Sumrell @ South West Interiors