Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 1 Photos

Its funny to look back at these photos, because even though we have only been here a month, there are a few things that already look different! And some things look almost exactly the same (yikes!) But, since I know everyone likes to see other people's mess and chaos, here are the photos from the day we moved in.  Enjoy!

Don't worry, we got the SNES and N64 hooked up right away. Priorities you know.

 There is a stuffed llama on the table. Where does one put one of those?

 Dumping zone.

 Found a little souvenir from Disneyland. Also, priorities. 

 Keeping it real...this room looked like this until yesterday. It's still not clear, but better. 

Justin has his own changing room!  

The Backyard: 
Horrible overgrown patch of weeds! 

 Ollie kind of liked it though...

 Apple tree...needs a pruning. 

 Another horrible patch of overgrown weeds!

Now that you've seen how enormous our yard is, hopefully you can appreciate how humorous we found it to be left this yard waste container...who lived here before us? American Girl dolls?

Stay tuned for: our master list of everything we want to do to the house, a front door update, some new pics of the house a month in (There is ART on the walls! At least...some of them) and our DIY outdoor table project (which is currently in process).

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